Friday, March 21, 2008

The Butternut Bounty Contest

This is just a reminder that I'm curious about your favorite way to prepare butternut. Post a fingerlickin' mouthwatering good recipe on your blog (or use one you've posted before), link here, and send me the link to aprilday AT web DOT de. Or just send me an email, as some have done already. Remember, there will be a small surprise present for the recipe me and my husband like best :-)

We've had my hubby's parents over for an early Easter get-together, and yes, I cooked, but with three hungry people waiting I didn't have time to take pictures of the food we had. I managed to get a shot of the dessert, though, so stay tuned.

So, happy Easter and happy cooking :-)


missblueberry said...

Hi Anke,
Here is my submission for the squash contest!



missblueberry said...

Hey Anke,
You inspired me AGAIN!
I was making Maki tonight and I decided to make Squash Sushi.

Dídn't know if I could submit twice, but wanted to let you know that the recipe is right here;