Thursday, January 3, 2008

And yet another new beginning

It seems like I'm starting over and over again for a definitely new beginning :-) I had some problems with the blog, couldn't format it, the search bar half hid the title, and so on. So after hours of fruitless fiddeling I decided to just delete it and start over again.

I saved and pasted again my posts, however I must apologize to those who left comments. Your comments are gone, I' afraid. I'm truly sorry. I hope from now on everything goes smooth here.

The rest of my life hasn't been working out according to plans either this year. I had planned to dish up a new, vegan, yummy, nutritious dish each night when my hubby comes home (I still got off until Jan. 7.) But, alas, the Capeverdean germ I imported (illegally I guess) when we came back from our honeymoon is still plaguing me. I feel sick, haven't had much food myself, let alone any desire to cook.

So no new recipes for the moment. I wanted to post a few pics from the gorgeous Cape Verde islands. Yet I can't seem to insert pics after text. This is weird. All I can do is insert a photo at the very top. Does anyone now how to fix this??? (And I thought blogging here would be easy but no such luck...) Um, please, bear with me and my blogging-illiteracy :-)

Have a wonderful day, evening, or whatever is left of today :-)


Vegan_Noodle said...

Yeah, it takes a little time getting used to the blogger formating (which sometimes can be a bit funky). The pictures you insert will always appear at the top of a post. You should be able to move them though. I have found the easiest thing is just to insert all the pictures before you start typing, and type around the pictures.

Anyhow, welcome to blogworld (again). So sorry you brought back a bug after your honeymoon. Hope you feel better soon!

Anke said...

Hi amanda,

I tried moving the photos around but those wicked little critters just won't move. Ok, I'll try again, harder... :-)

Vegan_Noodle said...

blogger can be such a pain!