Saturday, January 12, 2008

Giving up tea

I'm giving up tea. Green tea, black tea, and white tea, that is. I gave up coffee years ago but did love me my cuppa tea in the morning. Or rather, my three or four cups. Let me add that I'm more of a nervous, touchy person. Then, with the diarrhea and bug and all, I didn't have tea for two weeks. And, oh miracle, I've never slept better in my live! Now yesterday and the day before I figured that my insides had recovered enough and it would be ok to have tea again. And let me tell you, I spent two horrible nights. Tossing and turning in my bed, waking up every hour or so.... So, when sleep eluded me for good this Saturday morning at 7am, I resolved to give up tea. Jawohl!
Since I still enjoy sitting there in the morning when the house is still quite (on weekends my hubby sleeps in until noon) and sipping my cuppa tea (or two or three), I resorted to rooibos tea. This Southafrican beverage is supposed to be very good for you: high in antioxidants, cancer-fighting, and very low in tannins which affect the absorption of iron. And hey, it is even a member of the legume family. Talking about eating beans every day :-) So, here it is, my new vice: cups and cups of organic, fair-trade rooibos tea.


KathyF said...

I gave up coffee several years ago, cold turkey, and never looked back. I drank tea, green tea, instead, but then developed (or always had) a tiny little heart problem, mitral valve prolapse, which gave me heart palpitations. So I switched to decaf green tea, and like you, slept great, had lots of energy, etc.

But then I started working on a political campaign, 12 hours a day, and began drinking caffeinated green tea again. I still haven't switched back to decaf, but that's one of my goals. Maybe I'll try rooiboos.

Anke said...

Well, as long as it doesn't become an addiction I think it is nice to have green tea. But I used to get the biggest headache if I didn't drink my tea in the morning - in fact had one today. And I guess its better not to be dependend on substances. Plus, I sleep better :-)

blueangel said...

I've never been a tea or coffee drinker and I still don't sleep well! Still, it's good that you have found a decent subsitute. My BF loves that Rooibos tea for the same reasons you've mentioned.
Do you like the smell of it?

Anke said...

Actually, I like the smell and taste of it very much. I have two different kinds, plain and caramel-flavored. But they are both organic, maybe non-organic kinds have a different smell???? I've noticed that especially with tea, quality makes all the difference.

For sleeping better, try Lemon Balm (Melissa) tea, or St. Johns worts (Hypericum) tea :-)

Vegan_Noodle said...

I am not a tea or coffee drinker, but the rooibos tea soudns interesting.

Cute mug :-)

Anke said...

Istn't this the cutest mug? My dad once bought it for me out of a whim. I moved away shortly after that and ever since I love this cup cause it reminds me of my father I rarely see.

Pixie said...

Hi Anke,

Not sure I could ever give up tea. Have rid of coffee, well, for the most part; only have decaf once in a while. Have never heard of rooibos tea, so will have a look for it next time I'm in town. Thanks for stopping by and wow, pixie days made it on a list. Am ultra shocked to see that; guess I best keep up with it! (oh wonderful, photos and recipes of food too!)