Thursday, January 3, 2008

A new Year - A new beginning

2008 has just begun, the perfect time to start blogging. I'm a vegan on and off (at home vegan food only but I'm not at home most of the time...) and I really want to make 2008 the year that I make it, that I finally stick to veganism 100% and don't get tempted by desserts and the like or give in when there are no vegan options available. So I hope that blogging about it will help me stick to my beliefs and not let my stomach get the better of me.

In case my diction or spelling ever seems funny - I'm not a native English speaker so please pardon any weird wording.I'm German and currently living in Germany (where I only spent half of the past ten years, so this is not as obvious as it may seem). Therefore I use the products I can come by in Germany. However, I don't use many faux products anyway since there simply aren't that many available here. It is even hard to come by edible tofu. Germany still has a long way to go to become vegetarian-friendly, let alone vegan-friendly. For the most part I cook with fresh veggies and naturally vegan things like durum-wheat pasta and the like.

I just got married so this is a very new and exciting thing in my life and I'm still in honeymoon-land :-).

So happy 2008 to all and let the blogging begin :-)

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jd said...

Welcome to the world of veg blogging!

I'm excited to start keeping up with your new blog - all of your pics & recipes look really lovely!

By the way, I love Germany (I visited while living abroad a few years back). It'll be cool to read about your vegan food experiences there!

Oh, & congrats on the wedding! I hope "honeymoon-land" is still treating you well :)