Friday, January 11, 2008

Fauxballs and Spaghetti

In our house, Friday night is leftover night. (Across the pond, its Friday night already). We still had some spaghetti left over from yesterday's indulgence and some frozen tomato juice. AND there were these amazing faux meatballs sitting in the fridge smiling at me and whispering, "Yeesss, you want us, you know you do". And indeed, I did.

Spaghetti to your heart's content, your favorite tomato sauce, and faux meatballs. Again, not a recipe that could be spelled out, since it doesn't really involve much cooking. The star of the meal comes out of a pack... (unless you make them yourself, of course).

Ok, ok, there is this debate whether or not it is wise to use faux products. I usually don't use many, primarily because there aren't that many available in Germany. But a few things I wouldn't wanna miss, and fauxballs are one of them.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

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