Thursday, January 3, 2008

Roasted Pepper Soup with Cinnamon and Ginger

This is the soup I made on New Years Eve. It was planned as just the first course with more to follow but then I got sick. We had just returned from our honeymonn on the Cape Verde islands the day before and it seems like I picked up one of the bugs lurking around there. So I couldn't try any of it (and seasoned it by just smelling it) because my stomach wouldn't permit me any food. The husband loved it and ate the whole pot I made. I guess it was THAT good :-)

Roasted pepper soup with cinnamon and ginger

5 large yellow bell peppers
1 large red bell pepper
(the 6 peppers I used together weighed 3 punds)
6 cups vegan broth (or more to taste, preferably homemade)
salt and pepper to taste
a generous pinch of cinnamon
a generous pinch of paprika
1 teaspoon powdered ginger
1/2 cup soy creamer (substitue soy milk to make it fat-free or just leave it out altogether)

Wash the peppers and cut them into quarters. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (you'll be glad you did when cleaning up...) and place the peppers on it skin side up. Grill on medium until bubbles form under the skins and they start getting black (depending on your oven this will take around 10 minutes.)

Put the peppers into a plastic bag, close the bag, and let it sit for 20 minutes. The heat and steam will make the skins come off easily, and straight from the oven they are too hot to handle anyway. Peel off the skins, they should come off easily now.

Bring 5 cups of broth to a boil in one pot and place the yellow peppers in it. Place the red pepper in a second pot with the remaining 1 cup of broth. Blend both soups with an immersion blender (or with a food processor or whatever you have and like). Season to your liking with salt and pepper. Add a pinch of cinnamon and paprika to the red pepper and the ginger to the yellow peppers. Let simmer for a few minutes for the flavors to develop. If you like your soup thinner you can always add more broth.

For serving, laddle yellow soup in a plate. With a teaspoon, carefully apply a spiral of red pepper soup on it. Then use anything approx. 1/4" wide (fork grip, wooden spoon, knife blade...), insert it in the center of the spiral and pull it away from the center, crossing the lines of the spiral. Repeat this 4 times at even intervalls. Then do the same movement halfway between the outward lines, this time pulling it inward. The result will be a delicate flower on your plate. Serve with crusty French baguette (or gluten-free bread to make it gluten-free)

Enjoy :-)

Serves 4 as starter, two as main course, or one very very hungry husband :-)

Update: This recipe is one of my contributions to Heart of the Matter.

Fat-free depends on the use of fat-free ingredients.
Gluten-free depends on the use of gluten-free ingredients.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Just have to say again how beautiful this soup looks... very artistic :-)

Anke said...

thank you :-)

and so easy to make, too. hope my instructions are not too confusing, it is the hardest thing to put movements into words. I should have taken pics when making it :-)

Ann said...


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